Coffee Recipes - One Coffee Cup At A Time


For any coffee lover one advantage of traveling abroad is the opportunity to sample the delightful international varieties of coffee quality recipes as well as the different ways of savoring coffee.

The possibilities of coffee recipes could be endless but just to mention several (Caribbean, Mexican mocha, Cuban cubano and Grog) bring about a nostalgic feeling in my palate.

Lets examine some of these recipes.

The first is one is one of the more unusual. Be a little daring when making this one. First, start by baking some sort of coconut for thirty minutes at 300F (134C). At the end of the thirty minutes, remove the coconut and set it aside to allow it to cool. Once cooled break open the shell and remove the inner flesh and additionally grate. Mix the meat, coconut milk and a half-cup of cow's milk in a pan and heating until it thickens. Then strain the mixture to remove the coconut granules. Mix the mixture which includes a cup of coffee and sip. Savor the coconut milk taste mixed with the coffee. Yummy

Next lets generate a mocha Mexican style. This is a delicious blend of coffee and chocolate - two natural partners. To start with require a teaspoon of your favorite chocolate syrup and add a quarter teaspoon of cinnamon and nutmeg. Wow, it's starting off good. Making me a little hungry.. Next, pour in one cup of coffee and add white or all natural sugar to your taste. To top it off you can mix with whipping cream, or top using whipped cream. You can't go wrong with this recipe.

Cubano is drunk like tequila, straight and like a chance. For the Americano, you might want to dilute with rum or hot milk. Add rum to taste, but any longer than a tablespoonful of milk will really spoil the effect. Be adventurous!

Grog, a traditional English holiday start treating is sweet and sour mixed into one. Carefully peel a large orange and separate into pieces. Do the same with a lemon. Put a peel about the size of one orange slice into the bottom in the cup. Mix in one-third tablespoon of butter, a tablespoon of brown sugar, a pinch both of ground cloves and nutmeg. Then throw in a pinch of cinnamon. Pour in a half-cup of java and stir. Add heavy cream to taste. Happy holidays.

How about these international delights, such as Viennese, Turkish and Vietnamese?

For the Viennese, melt one-eighth cup dark chocolate into a sauce pan and stir within a tablespoon of light cream. Slowly add a half-cup of coffee and whip until frothy, then permit settle. Sprinkle cinnamon and cocoa across the surface and taste with pinky raised. Now you're a great aristocrat.

The Turkish is very simple. It would be to your advantage to obtain one of the special "dzezva" pots used to boil the flavored coffee. Yes, boil! Turkish coffee is strong. This coffee is not for the weak at heart. Start with finely earth Turkish coffee. Pour a cup of water into the pot, then add a half teaspoon of handsome and bring to a boil. Remove from heat and add a teaspoon of the coffee, then stir in addition to replace onto the heat. Remove after a layer of foam appears, then allow to settle and cool.

That iced coffee drink of Vietnam is not to be missed. Acquire a Vietnamese coffee press. The hard a part is now over. Put the ground coffee in the press, and then pour a tablespoon of condensed milk in the bottom of a cup. Pour boiling water over the press and let drip. Stir and add winter snow storms. Wow!

Once again, taking an international world tour will reveal even more recipes that I did not mention in this article. This isn't a bad idea if your interested in find new and exotic recipes.